Web Consulting & Website Building With Sheree

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Sail into your future. Be tenacious! Collaborating with a Web Consultant and Coach can help enhance your website building and editing skills. Are you interested in launching a course toward living the life you really want? As a Web Designer for over 25 years, I have built many websites and added important site optimization to the website of my clients helping their personal and business websites get found. I have a lot of technical experience, tips and skills to share. I have taken the ACE Health Coaching Program to add additional life and health coaching skills to my web consulting program.

As a strong, independent woman, who has launched the life she loves, I am here to artfully consult with you about building your website or portfolio online.

I am a World Paddle Board Association Instructor Trainer offering WPA Instructor  Certifications through my other company Sea Dog SUP Nation LLC. I love helping people launch a successful business whether out on the water or in whatever direction their entrepreneurial spirit has taken them. Life happens -- trust your inner wisdom to help you sail into your future. Please message me from my Contact Page to plan a call to talk about the transforming your dream into goals and launching your story on the web.  — Mahalo, Sheree Lincoln

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