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Web Consulting & Website Building With Sheree

A Message from Sheree Lincoln

Sail into your future. Be tenacious!  I love helping people share their story on the Web. As a Web Designer for over 25 years, I have built many websites and added important site optimization to the website of my clients helping their personal and business websites get found. I have a lot of technical experience, tips and skills to share. I have taken the ACE Health Coaching Program to add additional life and health coaching skills to my web consulting program. Collaborating with a Web Consultant and Coach can help enhance your business or portfolio, search engine optimization (SEO) as well as your own website building,  editing marketing skills.

As a strong, independent woman, who has launched the life she loves, I am here to artfully consult with you about building your website or portfolio online. After I left my job, as a manager on Wall Street and returned to my native state of Michigan, I worked in a lot of different types of jobs, out of geographical necessity, including various types of delivery jobs. Chances are I have spent time at a business like yours. All of these experiences make me a better consultant and advisor for your web and graphic design projects.

I am a PaddleFit Pro Coach World Paddle Board Association Instructor Trainer offering WPA Instructor Certifications through my other company Sea Dog SUP Nation LLC. I love helping people launch a successful business whether out on the water or in whatever direction their entrepreneurial spirit has taken them.

Life happens -- trust your inner wisdom to help you sail into your future. If you would like to see more stories and images from our live aboard sailing life follow us at

Please message me from my Contact Page to plan a time for a call to talk about transforming your dream into goals and launching your story on the web.

— Mahalo, Sheree Lincoln

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